L’enfant Brut


25 April – 7 May 2019

Amuleto is pleased to present L’enfant Brut, a solo exhibition of work by Jantus, this is the artist’s second show at the gallery.

Jantus (b 1994) set up his identity through experimentation and a search for liberty. This identity is built between material, saturation and contrast; the adult life of a painter and the soul of a kid. Still too young as an artist for a retrospective of his twelve years of production, his work echoes a theme that touches every human, childhood.

An innocent satisfaction in the creative process produces pleasure through sculpturesque materiality, frontiers of tension in between saturated colors and the presence of an imaginary landscape. Raw and expressive, his practice expands the “brut universe”.

XXI century is the digital era and Barcelona is a new tech hub. Jantus adopts a new medium, video, which reflects his passion for RGB, visual saturation and rhythmic movement, techno.

In this exhibition Amuleto presents two works (Toxiconderon and Helle-Kin) that are sharp, stimulating and create a savage atmosphere. Jantus produced them in his studio in Berlin during 2015, under the tutorship of German painter Frank Pieperhoff, and finished them in 2017 in his own workshop in Buenos Aires. Two more works (Active Living Intelligence System I and II), produced in his new studio in Brooklyn, show the synthesis of form with smoother movements and concentrate the same tension in a smaller format. Big stains like stickers over a layer of dynamic motion and a tendency to more saturated and vivid colors that undoubtedly derive from a cultural context and the rhythm of Barcelona where he spent his last two years in an art residency.

After two years of living in Spain he had four exhibitions in Barcelona, travelled for a biennial in Helsinki, a fair in London and an international art fair in Nippon.

After a month exhibiting in Rio de Janeiro in a museum and  cultural centres and simultaneously in New York Jantus finishes the first part of 2019 with his third show in Manhattan with a solo exhibition. At the moment, he continues to work in Brooklyn to prepare his next two solo exhibitions in Edinburgh and Buenos Aires, his native city.

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